School Vision

Little River Primary School strives to promote excellence in learning and teaching by developing in our students the skills, values and knowledge to effectively participate as active citizens in the local community and global society.

RESPECT – having considerate regard for self, others and property
RESPONSIBILITY – being accountable for your actions and words
UNDERSTANDING AND INCLUSIVITY – having empathy for the abilities of others and ensuring support and friendliness to all
HIGH EXPECTATIONS – believing that excellence is possible for every person at LRPS


These values are displayed in a central place of our school and they live through our School Wide Positive Behaviour Program Strategies (SWP-BS), and in everything that we do, including students reciting The Little River Primary School Oath weekly at assembly to further embed these values:


We are proud to be the students of Little River Primary School.
We believe that we should treat each other with respect,
Be friendly to one another,
Help others when we can
And be understanding and inclusive of everyone


LRPS staff are responsible for the well-being and learning of all students. LRPS staff support each other to reach their potential and to achieve our moral purpose.

When vision, values and moral purpose are in alignment, then we create a powerful framework and a scaffold for all members of our community to work together in balance and support. The vision, values and moral purpose enable a sense of belonging and encourage active participation to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

As a school community we aim to apply and live these values in our everyday interactions with each other and in the development of programs and policies.


In enacting our vision and moral purpose our core values are: respect, responsibility, understanding & inclusion and high expectations.