Little River students have enjoyed learning Indonesian since our program began in 2012. From Foundation until Grade 6 students continue to build on their language skills in a progressive manner. A real focus of our program is assisting students to have a basic conversation with an Indonesian person. These skills will prove useful when your child visits Indonesia. Bali has been Australia's number one tourist destination since 2010 with over one million Australians visiting Bali each year. 


Students enjoy a range of activities and events throughout their language studies. Here are some examples:


- Students film green screen movies in our studio and place themselves in an Indonesian setting.

- Students are involved in Indonesian cooking days.

- Each year students undertake an Indonesian music and dance workshop.


We truly value the opportunity to teach our students a second language. It is an important life skill being able to interact and understand other peoples culture. We sincerely wish your child can benefit from our rich language learning program.