Little River Primary School fosters a deep love for Literacy from Foundation to Grade 6.


What does Literacy look like in our classrooms at Little River Primary School? Following the Workshop model, we begin with a 10 minute mini-lesson where explicit skills are taught and instructions given. During the Reading Workshop, students read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day or conference with their teacher.

Students then move into small groups that focus on specific areas of reading and writing that they are working on based on teacher assessment. Share time at the end of the lesson enables students to practise oral language skills, build confidence and allows their teacher to check for understandings.


Each room has a beautiful student crafted classroom library and literacy work is proudly displayed.


Staff work collaboratively to ensure that the needs of students in both intervention and extension are being met. They are continually developing their knowledge and understanding of the Literacy Curriculum and how it is best taught.