Little River School No. 1961 Est 1877

Telegram from the first head teacher of School 1961, Rev. Fullagher to the Education Department dated 1 October 1877 and their reply

“No. 534 closed: children assembled; new
school locked. Please send instructions.”

(Sgd.) Thomas Fullager
Master, later 534.

9.50 a.m.

“If he cannot obtain key, let him get
blacksmith to open door”.

The Education Department later apologised for not providing the key on Little
River School’s opening day.

Early years

In its early history, School No. 1961 moved three times between two locations in Little River since it first opened on ''Sefton's Site in September 1877.

The location of the school was strongly contested at various times as residents and Government presented their case for a suitable site. Following a period of'some 22 years located on the Police Reserve Paddock at Rothwell, School No. 1961 was returned to its original site in Little River in 1916.

To date it is not known which children attended on the firrst day as the records have been lost.

The 21st century Little River Primary School No. 1961. stands on the original site

A school for the 21st century

Unlike the ''very improper manner'' in which the school opened in October 1877, the official opening of the new school buildings in October 2009 marked a new era for Little River Primary School.

In March 2007, hundreds gathered at Little River Primary School to say farewell to the original one room building built almost 130 years ago.

The school underwent a major upgrade in 2009 following a long period where children were taught in portable classrooms. Before the upgrade, the only permanent building was the ageing old weatherboard structure that was the hub of school life for 130 years.

The environmentally sustainable features of thebuilding include water harvesting and solar panelsfor energy.

All this was made possible by a $2.6 million grant in 2005 from the State Government of Victoria. Then Principal Karen Chaston acknowledged the supportand contribution of the school community for their efforts in raising $38,000 to help with the construction of the new buildings.

Wyndham Mayor Shane Bourke attended the opening as did Member for Lara John Eren who cut the ribbon to open the new school buildings.

Little River Primary School circa 1967
Little River School No. 1961 circa 1967. Photograph courtesy of Little River
Historical Society (donated to LRHS by Jean Wall).
Little River Primary School circa 1912
Little River School No. 1961 Christmas circa 1912
(Photo courtesy of Little River Historical Society)
Little River Primary School circa 2011
Little River Primary School Country Fair 2011