From The Principal

Welcome to 2016 at Little River Primary School.

AT PRESENT WE HAVE VACANCIES FOR STUDENTS OUTSIDE THE LITTLE RIVER DESIGNATED NEIGHBORHOOD AREA for new enrolments in Grade Prep/Foundation, Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6.
Students within the designated area will be accepted at all grade levels
Every Day is Open Day at Little River Primary School. You are very welcome to ring and arrange a mutually agreeable time to visit our beautiful educational facility.
This is the fifth year that we have been privileged to implement the The BluEarth Program.

The Bluearth Program addresses the following critical areas of student development:

  • Ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks

  • Self confidence

  • Cooperation

  • Awareness of others

  • A willingness to accept new challenges

  • Improvements in behaviour choices


    Specifically designed games, movements and postures that meet Physical Education (PE) curriculum requirements are used as the basis of the Bluearth Program. Bluearth adheres to and promotes a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes. These are:
  • Inclusive, enjoyable and non threatening learning environment

  • A presumption that each student has the ability to succeed

  • Opportunities to allow exploration, creativity and self assessment

  • This Year we are continuing to implement the KIDSMATTER Initiative.

    This initiative is supported by Australian Government, The Australian Psychological Society Ltd, Beyond Blue, Principals Australia and Australian Rotary Health.
    In 2016, through KIDSMATTER, we will be focussing on teaching Social and Emotional Learning and skills to all students through an evidenced-based program called ‘Bounce Back’. The five key domains that will be explicitly and regularly taught are:

  • *Self-awareness

  • *Social awareness

  • *Self-management

  • *Responsible decision making

  • *Relationship skills

  • Little River Primary School exists for the welfare and education of each and every student at our school

    The staff at Little River Primary School cares about the whole child, and believes that happy, healthy and well-cared for children are most readily able to reach their learning potential .
    Each student's wellbeing and learning is firmly at the centre of all decisions. We encourage children to be lifelong learners who value themselves, others and learning. We promote social responsibility, perseverance, resilience and independence in order to prepare our students for the 21st Century and an ever changing world.
    At Little River Primary School we affirm the values of our society which promote the dignity of the individual, foster relationships based on integrity, and create a genuine concern for our planet and its people.

    Values specific to Little River Primary School

  • Respect - We value ourselves and others, use appropriate social manners, and look after our own and others' property and the school environment.

  • Responsibility - We accept responsibility for our own learning and behaviour.

  • Understanding and Inclusivity - We understand that all people are different. These differences are not right or wrong. If we work together as a team of people with all our differences and skills we are a better and stronger community.

  • High Expectations - We try our best in all we do and say.

  • Life Long Learning - We will continue to learn and value learning for our whole life.

  • Our programs and practices are designed to reflect these values. These values support our students to become positive citizens with the school and wider community.
    The school greatly encourages and supports educational partnerships with parents and the broader community. "Parental involvement has significant positive effects on children's academic achievement and adjustment" Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003

    Kind regards
    Pamela Heane
    03 5283 1214