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2017 Diary Dates

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LITTLE RIVER COUNTRY FAIR - Sunday 19 March 2017 10am-3pm

2016 Annual Report released

2016: Want to read about our school highlights?

Our 2016 Annual Report to the school community is now available in the State Register on the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority’s website: Click here

The annual report is a key legislative and regulatory requirement, but it is also is an important way to keep our school community informed about how we are performing and what is being done to improve the learning, engagement and wellbeing of our students.

All parents and the local community are encouraged you to have a look at our report

Meet the Little River School Councillors

Pamela Heane
President Gillian Caldwell
Treasurer Leanne Robertson
Teaching Staff Judy Hall
Allyson McKinlay
Parent Representatives Narelle Magee
Tanya Fenton
Kate Simpson
Merilyn Cini
Jill Stephens
Sue Excell (School Business Manager. Non Voting Representative).

National Tree Planting Day

The children of Little River Primary School had a wonderful day on National Tree Planting Day by adding to the vegetation around Little River with the assistance of the Wyndham Council workes and Jennie Epstein. They planted and watered over 400 plants.

We also took advantage of Tree Planting Day back at school by planting a native (to this region) wild flower garden around the vlue bench seat on the boudary of the netball courts.

National Solar Schools Program

Little River Primary School's story on the benefits obtained from their National Solar Schools project